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Picture this, You are *FINALLY* engaged + you can’t wait to begin wedding planning. Your Pinterest inspiration is DYING to come to life right in front of your eyes, BUT you are not certain where to celebrate your upcoming union. Think again, your families home is THE perfect location to bring to life your garden […]

3 Reasons to Have a Backyard Garden Wedding in 2024 or 2025


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Natalia + Scott met the summer of 2009, Natalia was a freshman in high school and like the other girls in her class, she found herself crushing on a senior names Scott… Flash forward to Natalia’s senior year of college, Natalia was home in Chicago over Thanksgiving break and ended up running into Scott on […]

A Luxurious Oceanfront Wedding in Florida

Destination Wedding

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We all have a favorite photographer, whether or not we have been supporting their journey for a day, a week or since the very beginning, there are always ways you can show your support for FREE! Whether you do one of the items above or all of them, your photographer GREATLY appreciates any and all […]

6 Ways to Support Your Photographer


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Are you currently planning a proposal? Maybe you’ve picked out the engagement ring, looped in close friends and family, and thought out the exact moment that you are going to pop the question. Here’s the big question, did you book a photographer to capture your proposal? This detail can take your proposal from good to […]

Planning a Proposal: Hire a Photographer


"We cried when we saw the photos for the first time. Nothing will ever compare to those memories. We will cherish them always, our first precious family heirloom."

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